Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Q&A: Eyelash Troubles

I recently got this question from a reader...
"I've got mascara troubles. My eyelids are monolids so my eyelashes slant down. Even when I curl them, by the end of the day they droop into my eyes/glasses. Also, do you have any makeup recommendations for everyone who wears glasses?"

Yes I do!
First lets address the eyelash issue.
1. Make sure you have clean dry eyelashes. If you have traces of moisturizer or cleanser on them it will make it more difficult for the mascara to stick.
2. Use a metal eyelash curler and use either hot water or a blowdryer to slightly heat it. Check that it's not too hot and begin to curl your lashes starting at the base and working your way to the ends.
3. Try using a sturdy mascara formula, not one that is too slick or that adds additional fibers to the lashes. This will only cause your eyelashes to get heavy with product and fall more quickly. I recommend bareMinerals Flawless Definition Waterproof Mascara, or Kiss Me Mascara (my personal favourite).
4. Never curl you eyelashes after applying mascara, you will break your lashes.

Tip: On days that I don't want to wear mascara or need to refresh the curl I use aloe vera gel and an empty eyebrow brush like a clear mascara.

Makeup: When it comes to wearing glasses it can be hard to find makeup looks that will show through your lenses, without overpowering your features. I recommend focusing on adding dimension to your eyes to make them stand out through your glasses.
Focus on adding deeper colours to the lash line, eyeliner is a great asset! Glasses can often cause shadows under your eyes, to counter this, don't apply eyeliner past the mid-way point of your pupil on your bottom lash line to 'lift' the corners of the eyes instead of dragging them down. Use a subtle highligher on your inner corners, the centre of your eyelid, and and your brow bone- this will also help to counter the dark circles. Use a middle toned eyeshadow across your lid, preferably one with a bit of shimmer. And of course, finish by curling your lashes and adding mascara.

A video tutorial will follow soon!

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