Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Review: Earth Paste

 I've never been a fan of super natural toothpaste. After an unfortunate chalky-tasting-gag-fest as a child I've stayed in the realm of natural, but not too far from traditional toothpaste. However, after reading the ingredients in Earthpaste and picking up a few samples I figured I would give it a try.

Earthpaste contains only food grade clay, essential oils, salt, and xylitol. Not being one for cinnamon flavouring I tried peppermint first. My initial impression was that I did not want to taste this mushy grey stuff- they clay giving the paste a natural colour. I worked up my nerve and though the texture was initially difficult to get used to, I found that I liked the results. Though it does not foam, it has a pleasant minty taste, though there was still a dry/clay-like aftertaste. It left me feeling like I had just gone to the dentist- what more can you want from a toothpaste? 

Though I don't think I would replace my current toothpaste with Earthpaste I think it would be a great product for anyone looking for a truly natural toothpaste who is not attached to the common ideas of smooth and foamy toothpaste.

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