Saturday, 2 February 2013

The Makeup Diet: Day 7

Day: 7
Challenge Rules: The Makeup Diet 
Today's Choice: Origins Eyeshadow in Baby Blue (photo coming soon)

My Experience: 

Once again I'm behind on posting, sorry!

Origins is one of my favourite,
more natural eyeshadow brands
Day seven of the challenge and I find I'm really enjoying that it takes me less time to get ready in the morning. Wearing less face makeup has given my skin a chance to breath, and I've been even more conscious of my skin care routine. As a result my skin is the clearest its been in a long time and I don't worry about covering it up in my routine. To truly test my 'bare skin' confidence I decided to choose eyeshadow as my cosmetic for the day. I chose a summery metallic blue sweep across my lids to combat the winter blahs.

Tomorrow I will post my experience of a day without makeup- I'm excited to see how it goes!

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