Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Makeup Diet Challenge: Day 4

Day: 4
Challenge Rules: The Makeup Diet 
Today's Choice: Lavera Tinted Moisturizer 

My Experience:

After yesterday's detour I'm back on track with the challenge today. Because today was just a regular weekday, I decided to go for a fast swipe of tinted moisturizer for a bit of coverage without the heavy look of concealer. My skin has been very good lately, so I was happy that I could go out feeling confident and like I was wearing far more makeup than I actually was.
 I'm also a bit nervous for tomorrow, where I will be performing at a coffee house. Being in front of a small crowd with only one cosmetic is a bit intimidating when I would usually do a full face of makeup. I think my experimenting skills will once again be put to the test, we'll see how it goes!
I've begun to miss eye-makeup, if I had perfect skin I would be wearing eyeshadow as my choice cosmetic each day. Once the challenge is over I'll be very happy to try out some of the ideas that have been coming to me during this hiatus.

If you were doing the makeup diet, what cosmetic would you miss the most?

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