Friday, 25 January 2013

The Makeup Diet

Hi all, sorry for the lack of posting recently. I promise that there are some new DIY recipes, videos, and  more posts are coming soon!

Today I'll discuss a bit of a project I'm starting. I recently realized that its easy to get in the habit of feeling like I 'have to' wear makeup before leaving the house. While I'm usually good at wearing makeup simply because I enjoy it and have fun playing around with different styles, ingredients, and colours; I found that my morning makeup routine had come to feel like a barrage of a million different products. I think women should wear makeup because they want to, not because of the perceived societal norm that they must have a full face on before they head to the grocery store if they wish to be considered beautiful.

In an effort to break some of my own perceptions surrounding beauty and confidence, this coming week I will try to stick to the regime I've dubbed 'The Makeup Diet'.

  • Each day I am only allowed to use one cosmetic (for example just concealer, or just lipstick). 
  • My usual skin care routine will remain in place.
  • Towards the end of the week I will go at least one day without wearing any makeup- something I unfortunately haven't done in a long while! 

All too often we (myself included) succumb to the idea of the 'natural beauty makeup look' but if we use concealer, powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara and to create this look- it fails to be natural. Hopefully this coming week will help me reduce the number of products I use on a daily basis, and gain further confidence.


    1. Good for you! It can be scary to change habits - what we feel we should look like in society and how we really feel about ourselves! You should make this into a challenge for your readers and see who does it with you :) I always wear concealer (just had anaemia & adrenal exhaustion due to hypothyroidism) and look terrible without it. I also like a dash of mascara, but not heavy volume. That's pretty much it! You wouldn't have heard me say that 10 years ago though lol. Look forward to seeing how you get on with this! xx

    2. Thats great that you've been able to keep things so simple, old habits can be hard to break!