Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The Makeup Diet Challenge: Day 5

Day: 5
Challenge Rules: The Makeup Diet 
Today's Choice: Concealer

My Experience: 

Today's big challenge was the fact that I will be performing in a coffee house tonight. Today I chose to wear concealer, however I will apply my normal makeup before the event. Though this might seem like cheating I figure that I wen't most of the day with just concealer. As well, makeup is one of those 'special event' things thats all part of the experience. As for the rest of the day, I entirely forgot about the challenge. Looking around my yoga class I was surprised that not one girl, myself included, was entirely makeup free. More than that, there were several girls with a full face of 'clubbing' makeup. Not a good sign if yoga is about letting yourself relax and personal growth. 

Even though I cheated by wearing makeup for the performance I did keep it using natural products:
-Zuii eyeshadow in Sunflower
-Kiss Me Mascara (review to come soon)
-Bare Minerals Loose Powder Foundation

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